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Coffee: The Everyday Ritual

July 20, 2022 3 min read

Coffee: The Everyday Ritual

Coffee means warm energy on cold days, from Supermarket Jar Instant right through to a First-Crack Ethiopian Single-O that’s been force-fed to a Sub-Saharan rodent.

Whether it’s downed red-hot by the wired driver of an eighteen-wheeler at dawn or sipped by a marketing associate in Surry Hills, coffee’s the ritual gateway to feeling better. Which we get.

There’s no wrong way to drink your brews - it brings people together in a sunny-daylight sort of way and energises conversation.
The Almond Latte’s sip alongside the V60’s, and everyone gets along without a fuss.

Australia gets coffee just right in a way that our politics can only dream of. The payoff of feeling uplifted; energised is instant. It’s the promise that can’t be broken.

I’m writing from an Australian perspective because I’m an Australian in Australia. We’ve had a lucky run of things, and we still favour simplicity in the Sunny South. Dig shit out of the ground, sell it. Buy it back as a steel girder or a Tesla because we don’t have to think too much about it. Economy. Profit. 
When it comes to coffee however, things tend to go in reverse. 

Our farmers are typically in the ‘Coffee Belt’ of Equatoria - Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua. Peru. El Salvador. Ethiopia & Elsewhere.
From a glance, they seem to be nothing short of superhuman - especially the organic and regenerative growers.
Picking, sorting and drying thousands of tons worth of green beans often amidst wild seasonal changes - they then have these shipped to Australia by the container-load.

Then, we roast it. 
We spin our coffee at varying temperatures in a big vat, and the green turns chocolate brown.

The room begins smelling like toasted heaven on earth, and the humble fruit of Coffea Arabica completes its transcendence into something that pulls the fabrics of society together like one big messy quilt.

When it comes to drinking your coffee, you might be drinking the ten thousand hours, across multiple disciplines and continents.
We drink it for energy, yes, but then ask yourself -  why isn’t there a Red Bull shop on every leafy corner?

Coffee brings out the ritual in us. Dark. Chocolate. Nuts. Fruits.
Despite a beautiful whirl of flavours, these ease into the background as a little cup of brown allows us a few moments of not doing anything else.

For a culture with endless proverbial mountains to climb, it’s nice to stop in a little alcove away from the elements and have a brew.

This brings me to our next point - quality control.

We at Holy Joe make our own coffee in a fairly special way - and even add some handy native adaptogens to help your body along. 

Some coffee is made fast, ours is made slow.

Life’s a fever dream of big-brand PR whitewashing, so let me confirm your suspicions: some coffee is less than good. Bad even.
Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are great for large yields and immune system stress, but don’t belong in a healthy body or ecosystems. 
Non-Organic? Not in my cup. 

Ritual also means taking something of significance and showing your appreciation to it and yourself through repetition. Good ritual needs good practice. Good ritual also needs proper tools.
In this case, get yourself a coffee that’s good enough to let you worship yourself;

I’m talking about a rich depth of flavour that takes you on a journey that at least partly illustrates the one that the humble coffee bean has taken from the farm to your cup.

Popes drank it, so did pirates and goatherds. Coffee’s journey is still ongoing, and that’s where it finds you.