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Cold-drip is the process of slowly dripping cold water through ground coffee beans over six to twelve hours using a drip tower. This ensures that every molecule of coffee is fully extracted; giving cold drip its signature strong flavour and aroma.

No, we're sugar, dairy and gluten free. Our only ingredients are high-grade organic coffee, hinterland spring water and organically produced adaptogens.

Yes, Holy Joe is friendly for everyone.

Holy Joe is not Organic Certified, however we use only Australian Certified Organic coffee beans and our mushrooms are grown using organic principles without the use of any pesticides or preservatives.

Our Original brew contains naturally occurring caffeine. However, if you’re not too keen on the ‘buzz’ but still want the delicious flavour, our Decaf Holy Joe is naturally processed using the Swiss Water method to remove 99.9% of caffeine, completely chemical free.

How to Enjoy

Stored in the fridge, your bottle will still taste great for 8 weeks unopened. Once opened it's best enjoyed within 7-10 days.

Shake and serve - we recommend it on ice or with your choice of mix. You can also heat it up for an effortlessly smooth hot coffee. The options are endless, and for some creative inspiration check out some of our recipes here. 

A bottle of Holy Joe provides seven 100ml servings, although we wont blame you if you drink more in one sitting.