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Holy Joe: The World's First Functional Cold Drip Coffee

February 18, 2022 2 min read

Holy Joe: The World's First Functional Cold Drip Coffee

After a long addiction to regular espresso and an urge to try something new, lifelong tinkerer James Bullock hammered together some gardening supplies to create his first ever cold drip tower in late 2020.

The result leaned a little to the left, but ultimately made some of the smoothest coffee he’d ever tasted.
Inspired by the flavour, James and his then-workmate Christian Price-Wright set out to make not only the world’s best tasting coffee, but also the healthiest.

The concept for Holy Joe was simple: a bottled cold drip coffee with a distinctly premium feel and strong flavour.

While canned varieties of cold brewed coffees have been slowly filling store shelves in recent years, James felt that the time was right for a coffee that customers could uncork and drink at their own pace at home.
“We’d have quite a few customers asking us if Holy Joe was alcoholic…when in actual fact we wanted to create a coffee that just felt like a whiskey when you drank it.”

Holy Joe is also the first ready-to-drink cold drip coffee to include medicinal mushrooms, an addition that James says was a no-brainer after years of including adaptogens in his own brews.
“We knew the long-term benefits of these amazing superfoods, and thought that your morning coffee was a great way to get a daily dose.”
“We’ve also made sure that we use only Australian species of organically grown mushrooms; we really believe in the simple sustainability of sourcing locally.”

While not yet importing and roasting their beans themselves, Holy Joe has worked directly with two local roasters in Byron Bay to nail the smooth, dark flavour that’s in every bottle of their Original and Decaf varieties.
While preferring to drink black and over ice, James and Christian both enjoy Holy Joe with either a dash of cream or splash of coconut milk.

Holy Joe is available at selected stockists, find out more on their Instagram at @holyjoecoffee, or on their website at www.holyjoecoffee.com