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How You Can Enjoy a Caffeine-Free Coffee Without Losing Out on Flavour

June 08, 2022 3 min read

A full-flavoured latte, made with Holy Joe Decaf

Our bodies can work in many mysterious ways, and caffeine metabolization can be one of them.

In fact, diet and metabolism in general can be a tricky path to navigate - where the need of a fast-paced world will so often override the attention we pay to our own bodies.

Now, caffeine is generally a pretty useful compound. 
A cup of great coffee can heighten alertness and focus almost immediately, and coffee has been consistently linked to lower rates of cancer and dementia in studies over the last decade.
Personally, I’ve found coffee to be unparalleled as something of a pre workout, especially alongside healthy fats like MCT oil and butter.
As I’ve mentioned in other articles, it’s very good at blocking glutamine and dopamine receptors in the brain that allows the brain to feel tired - leading to the uplifted feeling we know and love. 

However, Christian and I will often find ourselves talking to customers at sample stands and find that a few people have mentioned something in common: a particularly up and down relationship with caffeine. 

I’m the occasional recipient of the caffeine rollercoaster; usually after not much sleep and an extra coffee to compensate.

The good news is - you can have the amazing taste of quality coffee without worrying about overdoing the caffeine, especially if you’re sensitive to it. The elegant solution?

Often avoided for being chock-full of the chemicals needed to take the caffeine out of coffee, Decaf has a reputation in need of some TLC.

Luckily the Eighties are long gone, and so with it the harsh methods historically used to process caf into decaf - organic roasters more often using the Swiss Water Method or Mountain Water Method to offer a clean, chemical free brew.

Given that we wanted to offer the very best in premium decaf - it took us around a dozen roasters and two-dozen blends before we found the flavour profile that matched our Original bottles.

After a bit of research and plenty of time for testing, we eventually found a tasty decaf with a well-balanced flavour that didn’t taste any different to my regular brews.
Dark, nutty and rich; I was hooked.
Decaf also retains the important polyphenols and antioxidant compounds that are linked to well-known health and longevity benefits in coffee.

Dark and smooth - Coffee without the caffeine

Now, if you’re new to finding a decaf it’s important to mention the basics:

1. An organic decaf that has been made using theSwiss Water Method is a must - there are no chemicals used and 99.9% of caffeine is removed.

2. Not all decafs are created equal. A coffee roaster still has to put time and effort into working out what kind of flavour balance works well with a green bean blend that has slightly lower acidity due to being decaffeinated.

Don’t be afraid to try a few different varieties if you can’t instantly find a blend that clicks.

In our case, we’ve also decided to add an assortment of functional mushrooms to give your chosen brew a boost - in the case of our decaf it’s a native Reishi tincture.
This goes hand in hand with the nature of decaffeinated coffee, as it can help with mood balance, stress and circadian rhythms.

If you’re reserved about caffeine but can’t get enough of the flavour of coffee, we’d definitely recommend you give our cold drip Decaf a try.